Monday, October 22, 2007

What water filter should i buy?

I guess most ppl ask me this question. First, it would be strange for me to recommend a specific brand, as this is going to look like commercial stunt which i largely disagree with.

Mostly i recommend products from USA for one strong reason, they have laws and policies to ensure that such products meets a strict standard. Read up on this site, American Water Works Association and you will gain some understanding of the mentality and policies they have :

But here are the guidelines :-

1. MasterFilter - You will only use the master filter to filter out dirt and rust. Some master filters even claim to filter chlorine but in most cases you only need a master filter to filter the dirt. Additional claims are mostly either unjustifiable marketing claims (eg master filter filtering chemicals up to xxxx microns etc). Look, the master filter have to handled large volume and pressure, it just doesnt have the mechanics to handle other more fine grain filtering.
I would say products from pentair ( or waterco ( should be good and decent. There are many other products

2. Inhouse Water filter -
If really want to spend and dont mind spending, i guess the Amway water filter is a safe choice, be prepared to pay ^_^. Actually if you boil water, you get the same result as what the Amway ultraviolet component does, it kills bacterias...minus the cost. But on the whole, at least Amway is honest in their claims. (if they reduce the price to say RM 1200, and the filters to 50%, i would say it would be the appropriate value).
Do a google search on water filter products from USA and i believe you will find many have distributors in Malaysia that you can contact and evaluate for yourself. If the product dont comes from USA, at least make sure its sellable in USA.

What water filter products i use? Apart from the experimentation products of the twin combo filter in my wet kitchen, i do use a a main water filter at my dry kitchen. Well lets just say its the same water filter u will find in "Old town kopitiam", "gloria jeans", "MCDonald", "StarBucks" and onboard of AirForce one (^_^). Its called Everpure (

However let me warn you, the filter comes in 3 parts (the poly dirt filter, the carbon chlorine filter and the Everpure filter), the most important is the 3rd one which is direct import from USA, the first 2 component the local distributor here created it themselves for "profit" and the name on the label is very much misleading that you would think all 3 component comes from USA. I think they called it "EverGood" or something. (duh!). If you already havve master filter, just buy the third component.

Anyway, well, so far the quality is constant and i do get crystal clear and it filters even chemical (certain lethal, cancerous ones). It is NSF certified for 2 claims which i have verified and happy with. Its also cheaper than diamond/nesh which is uncertified and full of misleading claims.

Now dont get me wrong here, Diamond and Nesh DOES filter water. I am not saying that they dont do anything. I am saying they don't do a LOT of those things they claimed in their marketing material (watch the video ). They do not filter any dangerous chemicals (no certification on this), and they sure dont filter the bacterias (no certification). If you boil the water, then i guess all is fine ^_^.

Basically, a RM 150-200 panasonic filter will get you the same if not better results. In fact if you already have a master filter, those pensonic/panasonic filter is all you need.

**** Sept 2009 : There is a new water filter by philips, that uses UV and the double filter (sediment, carbon) and priced at just rm 1200. Definitely a better buy than Amway. The NSF certification is also true.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...


May I know the price for the Everpure filter? Did you purchase all 3 filters or just the third one? I assume it is the S-104 system?

Where can I buy this filter? Direct from the distributor?

Thank you for your informative blogs. I just want to get a REAL filter without ads/hypes tied to it. Those Dia*, Nes*, etc brand are really overrated.

Narrow Road said...
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Narrow Road said...

They are found here :
I bought the s104 system, the 2 cartridge is bogus, not imported but since its duty is to filter the main dirt before reaching the s104 3rd component (the real thing), i didnt make a fuss of it.

The price listed on the site is very high. U can try contact the dealer who sold to me at much cheaper price : Ah Ti, 0192809978

Anonymous said...


For master filter, what is your comment on using those 20" filter housing with sediment filter and/or carbon block? I would think that the filtration is better and can be as small as 1 micron. However, manual cleaning of the filter cartridge will be required since there is no backwash system.

I was quoted RM250 for Pentek housing, RM40 for the 5 micron sediment filter. Carbon blocks with good flow rate can be around RM100-200.

Narrow Road said...

I think those might do a decent job however a carbon block as a master filter is probably useless.
On the master filter, just stick with sediment filters, and those systems with backwash are actually better but at a costlier price.

5 micron is normal and at least honest, but so far all the carbon blocks that is available widely in supermarkets i tested are not doing a properjob but instead is leaking stuffs into the water.

The panasonic carbon filters however are very good but suitable only for counter top.

If you have a master filter that filters sediment, then all you need is those panasonic carbon filter for table top.

Anonymous said...

Any idea if bacfree sediment outdoor water filters are ok to be used as a main filter?

Does pairing this up with a panasonic carbon water filter indoor in the kitchen sufficient ?

Do I still need any other filters like amway etc?

Narrow Road said...

yes i believe a master sediment + an inhouse panasonic is sufficient.
But you do need to boil the water.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I do not see your logic

Anonymous said...

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andy said...

i wish to ask u...

mean master filter, we put outside?

which u recommend..n price..where can buy? how n when to change the filter inside?

then inside, we can buy pensonic? or panasonic? some claimed from US, taiwan...rm300, rm400 or more...cause i'm still not that clear on it..

pls give me some recommendation n guideline....cause i wish to buy them n install in my house soon...thank you so much for your helps!


andy (

Narrow Road said...

Hi Andy,
For the outside master water filter, just get any brand that cost you around RM 800-1200 at most and only those that filter DIRT. Dont buy any that promises to filter more than dirt cause the water pressure and price would be both doubtful and impractical to maintain.

Once you have the inside master filter, for your kitchen just buy those panasonic filter that cost around RM 170-300, those are carbon filter and will remove clorine and further anomalies.

Finally, boil ur water.

Unknown said...

Dear 'Si Fu'

I'm still consider whether to buy Panasonic (PJ-A 36) brand of water purifier with alkaline & ioniser. Cost RM1999. Does it work well & worth buying? And how abt the alkaline & ion water...some said good for our body.

From keat

Andrew, Online Diamond Water Consultant said...

Have a look at purified water on Wiki, & the different technology available, & also the health effects

Our water supply is definitely not getting cleaner, hence the need for the relevant water filter systems in the hope to promote healthier life

Highly alkaline water being anti-oxidant? Well our digestive juices are acidic to digest food. Cranberry juice that is being anti-oxidant is alkali? NOT, it is acidic. Only Distilled Water & to a certain extent, Reverse Osmosis Water are not ionised (de-ionised)

The 6 filters drinking water systems produces mildly alkali mineralised water. The NSF ratings for health effects and aesthetic effects are from Water Quality Association (WQA)

Hoax, Scam? Search for Diamond Brand at wqa site for the details:-

Healthy wishes

the wannabee blogger said...

Hi, have you heard of the iON HEALTH water filter system? It is filter that is based on the concept of anti-oxidant water - oxidization-reduction-potential (ORP). Based on clinical studies & research in Japan, ORP or the lack thereof is one of the main causes of diseases & obesity. The iON HEALTH system is easy to install and highly affordable. If you are interested to know more, please go to our website or email Thank you.

Narrow Road said...

frankly anything that promotes ion, alkaline etc...i suggest
you read this site :

Wai Keng said...

Quite a relieve to find your post as I am looking for filters now. I plan to install Wateq outdoor filter and for indoor the new Cosway Hexagon as it is in my budget. I would really appreciate your advice on this. Also, I know a filter seller who reads lots of books and told me that you can't take medicine with alkaline water and if you boiled alkaline water, some sort of nutrient in it will be gone.

SKW Bantuan Pengguna said...

hi, thanks for the good write up. i tend to believe that the master filter shd only filter obvious dirt and for drinking, you need to another simple filter.

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SKW Bantuan Pengguna said...

thanks for the good write up. i tend to believe that the master filter shd only filter the dirts and for drinking, shd use other simple cheap filter and boild the water.

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Narrow Road said...


Alkaline water? Did it ever occur to u that ur stomach have acid? The moment the water hits ur stomach, its neutralize whatever alkaline ur talking about.
So any product that boasts about alkaline, mineral, energy, oxygen are basically just "scam". They just add to the cost of filtration .
Just stick to filtration of chlorine and bacteria/virus and a dirt filter and ur good to set.

Narrow Road said...

SKW bantuan pengguna,

Yes, u just need a dirt filter at the master level and any ordinary kitchen water filter will do very well + u boil the water.

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