Friday, September 26, 2008

After using Everpure Water Filter for 1 year

As some of you already know, i myself use the everpure water filter.
After 1 year of using, here are my feedback :-

1. The first 2 filter, sediment and carbon as mentioned in my earlier post, is not from everpure. The local distributor here makes a cash in and labelled their own product with a misleading name. I have called everpure USA and they confirmed that there is no such brand name . If i can recalled its everwater or something like that.

2. The H-s104 3 filter, is from USA, Everpure.

Unfortunately despite (1), i still need those 2 filters since filtering common dirt is essential else the most expensive filter the S104 will be clogged up prematurely before its even do its job.

My complain on this filter system is :-

1. Ridiculous pricing on their website
You just need to check the pricing in everpure USA and you will know what i mean, even if you import it its cheaper. The price listed and sold in Malaysia for domestic use is too expensive.

2. Maintenance is hard. This is the part i struggle the most with. You need proper strength to turn the filter cap so that it does not leak. You also need white tapes to wrap around it. Funny though, one of my friend using it does not face this problem, so that means the quality of the container and caps varies.

3. Its ugly and dont install it yourself.
The 3 canister weight like a whopping elephant. So dont install it yourself like i did. Now it looks ugly in our beautiful new kitchen. And top this with item (2), i think i need to find another solution like reinstalling elsewhere . So i will probably reinstall it at the bottom counter (the right way) to the wall and pop-up the outlet via the sink.


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