Saturday, September 27, 2008

DIY filters after 1 year

Pls read my first posting on the right side blog date list before u read any of these, else it wont make any sense to you

These are some images from the DIY installation in different setup.
So far the best double DIY filter is the Pensonic coupled with a panasonic. The PPM reading is around 18 compared to standard tap water here of 21.
If you are looking at those tap counter twin filter, get a pensonic. The other two brand i tried has quality problem, pensonic even provides an adapter for inner thread, something which i cant even find in a DELCOL rm 598 unit. Duh...but the Delcol unit remains to be tested, if you remove the "mineral" canister, u can get a discount from Delcol, the ceramic filter as the first filter is very interesting. Also the plastic container of the pensonic is clearly thicker and superior compared to Nishimen.

Let me re-iterate my advise :-
1. Do not use the carbon block that is provided in Pensonic or any other brand that is normally sold in Tesco, Carrefour, Jusco etc. Use BOTH sediment filter . Discard the carbon block.
Depend instead on the Panasonic Filter (refer to my posting on Twin filter + combo) which is purely carbon activated filter. So you join the output of the Pensonic Twin filter to the input of the Panasonic Filter.
Reason : ALL the carbon blocks i have tested and it INCREASES the PPM reading of the water even after days of using. Flushing for 20 seconds or so will bring it down but it wont even reach the level of PPM that you normal pipe water is. That means SOMETHING is diluted to the water from those carbon block and i dont know whether its some bad chemical or sugar from coconut carbon that most of these blocks are made of.

The new alternative that i am interested to look into is the Philips water filter, comes with UV and the double filter. The filter will cost Rm 120 but not so sure about the UV. This is a good buy considering the NSF rating is true unlike diamond/nesh. Basically what you have is Amway water filter equivalent with a fraction of its price.

Twin filter alone increases PPM due to the carbon block.

Pensonic Twin filter comes with inner thread adapter :

Direct the output of the twin filter (using both sediment filter) to the Panasonic as seen here:

Philips Water Filter

Finally, a trusted brand release a water filter that is decent price and does exactly what Amway water filter does, using UV + 2 filters.

I have not tested its ppm reading but from the NSF certification, definitely one of the best in Malaysia minus all the craps about energy water, clustering etc.

Friday, September 26, 2008

After using Everpure Water Filter for 1 year

As some of you already know, i myself use the everpure water filter.
After 1 year of using, here are my feedback :-

1. The first 2 filter, sediment and carbon as mentioned in my earlier post, is not from everpure. The local distributor here makes a cash in and labelled their own product with a misleading name. I have called everpure USA and they confirmed that there is no such brand name . If i can recalled its everwater or something like that.

2. The H-s104 3 filter, is from USA, Everpure.

Unfortunately despite (1), i still need those 2 filters since filtering common dirt is essential else the most expensive filter the S104 will be clogged up prematurely before its even do its job.

My complain on this filter system is :-

1. Ridiculous pricing on their website
You just need to check the pricing in everpure USA and you will know what i mean, even if you import it its cheaper. The price listed and sold in Malaysia for domestic use is too expensive.

2. Maintenance is hard. This is the part i struggle the most with. You need proper strength to turn the filter cap so that it does not leak. You also need white tapes to wrap around it. Funny though, one of my friend using it does not face this problem, so that means the quality of the container and caps varies.

3. Its ugly and dont install it yourself.
The 3 canister weight like a whopping elephant. So dont install it yourself like i did. Now it looks ugly in our beautiful new kitchen. And top this with item (2), i think i need to find another solution like reinstalling elsewhere . So i will probably reinstall it at the bottom counter (the right way) to the wall and pop-up the outlet via the sink.