Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 : Oxygen water in Pharmacies?

This year is sure full of kopi tiams coming out. Btw just for your info, when u order
"filtered water" in old town kopi tiam, its basically water that is filtered. :-) no scam there .

I notice there are "oxygen" water being sold in pharmacies, if you read some of my comments, just avoid buying such products. Just like those pin holes specs being sold in pharmacies, these products does NOTHING except to play on Malaysian's ignorance of science.


TriStupe said...

i fully agree on what you just said.

water is just H2O and there is no such thing as more oxygen inside it.

However, the manufacturer might be point ting to something called dissolved oxygen inside the you know, there are "spaces" between the molecules and when you "introduce" oxygen into the water, akin to pumping air into an auqirium, you increase the "dissolved oxygen" content and thus make the water "energized". but once you remove the air source, you will see the fish also open mouth big big to filter more water.

As such, this is also dependent on the size of the aquarium and how many fishes inside and of course, the water quality in the aquarium.

Putting this into a bottled water, that is sealed tight...i failed to see just how much "introduced" oxygen would remain in the water...

it's a scam.

Watershop said...

I also agree your statement, it is to fool malaysian. However, it sell very good in Jakarta when i visit Jakarta last year. People is buying dozen back home and the price is 5 times more expenses then the normal mineral bottling water. So all the people in this world is the same, listen to the ads and didnt do their homework.

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