Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marketing or scams? Home spring, mineral gas water n breast enlargement pills

Nowadays u can transform ur home pipe water to spring and mineral water for less than hundred a month.

Pipe water -> spring water ?

Its amazing how illogical this is and I can only feel sorry for those families who sign up for it.
Only in malaysia can you pull off such an ad and not get the public lash and mr.d also managed to get a celebrity n food critic to recommend it . That shows how lack of credibility these celebs are.

Then there is that "pop is not a soft drink, its just mineral water with gas" . Are malaysians so guillable as to think that there is a diff ? Coke aint a soft drink too, its filtered water with gas.

I was listening to a popular english radio n was shocked to hear an ad about pills that can enlarge breasts. I wonder if our media is so irresponsible nowadays , this is nothing but scam .

Sometimes I can only look south n envy at how diff our kiasu neigbours are. If this trend goes on , I guess malaysia can be another nigeria and export scams .


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KF Chan said...

Just want to leave a genuine comment among all the spam :D

Malaysian just loves scams.

Kena scam 50+ years by BN and we still give them enough vote to scam for another decade or two or forever.

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I think we should just drink pure and clean water is enough already.

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