Monday, March 9, 2009

The normal sediment filter

I notice by now that the normal white 0.5 micron Pensonic sediment filter (those cheap blocks that cost around RM 8) is better than those which you buy without brand.
In Carrefour for eg, i could get the a package of the "non branded" sediment filter for my twin filter for just RM 8 for 4 blocks. However its filtering is clearly inferior compared with the Pensonic ones, this can easily be demonstrated when you put 1 of the filter (y) to the twin filter that is nearest to the outlet and another "x" filter to the other one.
If you notice the water flows to the (y) and out easily before the "x" filter even reaches 3/4 of its level, that is an indication of very poor filtration, maybe its 0.20 micron or more. 


Anonymous said...
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Narrow Road said...

the above comment have been deleted due to possible "kids" posting and will be insulting to other readers that have been following this blog.

For e.g, claiming Philips is faking NSF claim, hmm interesting. Perhaps you should read the blog early on before talking about nsf.
Who said that you need NSF itself to certified?

"Philips Intelligent Water Purifiers are tested and certified by the following agencies, based on the standards set by NSF & BIS. The US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is responsible for the development of the ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) / NSF / DWTUs (Drinking Water Treatment Units) standards.
WQA (Water Quality Association, USA)
KIWA (Netherlands)
BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
Keep the "newbie" status to urself.

2. Insulting others for their "financial" status. If you knew some of the people here who did not buy diamond and opt for something cheaper and their financial status, u would be at the butt of the joke.

Unknown said...

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