Friday, May 25, 2007

Combo Unit , combining a Pensonic Twin and a Panasonic

What you will need to buy :-

Before reading this make sure u read my earlier post on "Water filters in Malaysia"

Now we all know that Panasonic being a product from Japan would at least have some quality tests seeing that its reputable companies. Thus for some people connecting a Pensonic twin filter to rid the main dust and primary filtering and then to filter it further via the Panasonic PJxxx series without the need to frequently change the Panasonic filters is a "peace of mind" combination.

** This is an edit : As of May 26, 2007
Warning : the Pensonic carbon
block or the Nishimen carbon block has found to increase of PPM. This is the
reason why you need to allow generous amount of water to go thru it, there are
some materials in those block that somehow dilute into the water.
In my
observation, it took around 3 days or estimated 200 liters of water before the
reading will go down. However, i have tried instar carbon block, Pensonic carbon
block and Nishimen and ALL of them resulted in a rise of PPM even after it goes
down after some flush. The PPM reading can go up as much as 10 or more. (eg, 34
-> 44). This suggest there is something that is leaking in the carbon blocks
and diluted to the water. So I do not recommend using any of the said carbon

You should use both the pensonic + panasonic, you can use both
polypropylene on the pensonic Twin filter and depend only on the Panasonic for
the carbon filter.
The Panasonic uses carbon filter and DOES NOT increase
the PPM like the carbon blocks of Pensonic, Nishimen and InStar.

Cost of cartride for the Pensonic twin filter :

1. Polypropylene filters RM 8 for 3, some even RM 6.50 for 4. Interval to change: 2-3 months depending on water quality.
2 Optionally you can replace Polyprophylene with Doulton Ceramic, but the water pressure will need to be stronger. RM 40-RM60. Interval to change: 12 months.

Panasonic :
PJ3RF filter : RM 37.50
Interval to change : 24 months (if used in combo, this is my estimated safe usage)

Initial Total Cost : RM 59 (pensonic) + RM 140 (Panasonic PJ3RF) = around RM 200
Running cost yearly : RM 16 (2 set of RM 8 polypropylene) + RM 37.50 = RM 53.50

RM 200 for initial setup, and yearly RM 53.50. DIY.

Below are images of how the unit would look like and how to combine them.

Here is an example of how dirty a Polyprophylene can be in just 4 days of use!


the INVESTORIAT said...

hey magneto, your polyprophylene is not very dirty lar after 4 days. my doulton ceramic filter is muchmuchmuchmuch dirtier than this in the same timeframe. probably due to the water source.

in penang island, those getting their water supply from the ayer itam dam is quite clean, whereas those getting from mainland (dunno which dam, kuala muda or bakun?) to the island (like my place in penang island) is very dirty.

interested to see the photo? tell me how i can send to u.

Narrow Road said...

haha! Yes i have the doulton too, its very dirty . My intention was just to show the public how "dirty" the poly can get in a normal mainland here given just 4 days on average use.
How much did u buy ur ceramic filter for?

the INVESTORIAT said...

erm... i bought at tesco penang at RM22, if i recall correctly. just threw the old ceramic filter few weeks back & used the new one. going to buy a spare soon ;)

the INVESTORIAT said...

ah, forget to tell u that i m shinchan, kekeke!

adrian said...

I got my Doulton from Tesco too at around $22, but some claimed that it is not the original. I see some shops selling for close to $40. Any comments?

Narrow Road said...

Doulton filter are good. I think the ones in tesco, with that deep blue/black caps on the box is probably the original. And the price is good.
Actually Tesco/Carrfour sells these stuffs much cheaper than outside.

I have also seen funny claims on some normal carbon Block claiming to be 0.1 micron selling at +3 RM more expensive than normal carbon block (pensonic carb = RM 11, 0.5 micron). Most probably any normal carbon block that looks just like those other carbon block but with a misleading sticker with dubious claims are just charging more.

The prices for the doulton in Tesco is probably correct and cheap while those u see elsewhere are just making extras.

Anonymous said...

if just use Panasonic PJ-3RF alone, is that enough? I have a master filter (Bacfree) outside my house!

Narrow Road said...

yes its enough. As long as ur master bacfree filter filter dirt and supports backwash, then all u need is a counter top filter with carbon like the pana-pj3rf.

casey said...

I just bought two set as instructed in your DIY instruction. but one thing came into my mind while i'm choosing the pensonic just now.. why do you need the pensonic? the panasonic carbon filter, don't they filter out sediment and rust too ? I was just thinking of something that can filter out bacteria, do ceramic filter really can do that? filtering out bacteria? I couldn't find Doulton ceramic in Carrefour just now. Pensonic price now is RM79.. fuh!

sschong said...

Nice blog.

Wish to know if want to use Doulton ceramic filter to replace the Pensonic original filter, which Doulton filter to choose for? Is the size of filter to fit is 7" or 10". I try to search for this info but can't find it anywhere on Internet.


budak baik said...

Should the filtered water be cooked before drinking?

Unknown said...

Do we hv to boil it after i had install this combo unit?

Steve Berke said...

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